LIGHTS is a program for facilities of all types who use Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

There are many ways to characterize the sectors that make up the community of ICS users. Many sectors and sub-sectors have very specific operational and therefore cybersecurity needs. All share many technical and operational similarities.LIGHTS provides a platform for sharing those cybersecurity practices that are portable between sectors and for building sector-specific communities to best address associated operational and security concerns.

The following table shows a sample of ICS sectors and sub-sectors:

Sector Sub-Sector
Building Automation
Electric Generation, Transmission, Distribution
Marine Cargo, Passenger
Oil and Gas Refining, Transmission, Distribution
Transportation Airports, Rail, Ports, Waterways
Water Supply, Wastewater

Marine ship-management systems for passenger cruise lines are very different from Healthcare systems in hospitals. However, each shares a common need for continuous monitoring and a set of common communications technologies. Both sectors benefit from visibility into the inventory of connected assets and the behavior of those communications. LIGHTS delivers this visibility to members in any sector or sub-sector through a common set of capabilities.



LIGHTS is a non-profit membership program to provide cybersecurity to smaller industrial facilities.

How do I benefit?

LIGHTS provides low-cost high-value cybersecurity options to members in power, water, transportation, manufacturing and other sectors.
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