From Raffael Marty – The Steps To a Mature Visual Analytics Practice

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Although this is a bit dated, it is worth a read through. I particularly like these two paragraphs (read the whole blog though):

For an end user, the visualization maturity scale outlines the individual steps he/she has to go through in order to achieve analytical maturity. In order to implement the ‘put in action’ step, users need to implement all of the steps on the left of the scale.

For visualization product companies, the scale means that in order to have a product that lets a user put findings into action, they have to support all the left-hand stages: there needs to be a data collection piece; a data storage. The data needs to be pre-analyzed. Operations like data cleansing, aggregation, filtering, or even the calculation of certain statistical properties fall into this step. Context is not always necessary, but often adds to the usefulness of the data. Etc. etc.Raffael Marty


Read the entire blog post here.



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