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LIGHTS launch webinar, April 24 20120:

LIGHTS Program – Launch Webinar: “Addressing Cybersecurity for Smaller Facilities” from Chris Blask on Vimeo.


Infosec Island article on LIGHTS, March 12, 2012: Shining LIGHTS on ICS Cybersecurity

“As we wrestle through our critical infrastructure cybersecurity conundrum we talk a lot about Big Electricity, Big Oil and other Big Asset Owners.

“Certainly these asset owners play a crucial part in providing the services of modern society, and keeping them secure is very important. However, these asset owners are not all – or even most – of the problem.”

Read the article on Infosec Island


CBS’ 60 Minutes aired this article on the history of Stuxnet and the state of risk of similar threats to industrial facilities on March 4, 2012.


The recorded webinar below – hosted by Infosec Island and LIGHTS founder Trusted Metrics – provides a view into how the LIGHTS program is implemented in the Water and Wastewater Treatment sectors.

Cybersecurity in Water and Waste Water Control Systems from Infosec Island (LIGHTS program description begins at 19:00 in the video).


ABC Australia’s Hungry Beast aired this animated description of the Stuxnet attack in June of 2011.

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