LIGHTS is a non-profit program with a goal of improving deployed cybersecurity at the large number of smaller industrial facilities.

Most industrial facilities are challenged to address cybersecurity in their operational environments. Electric Cooperatives and Municipals, Water Supply and Treatment facilities, urban Traffic Management systems, Manufacturers and most other organizations often cannot independently achieve security appropriate to defend against current threats. LIGHTS provides a community-based and programmatic solution for these member facilities which fits their budgetary and operational models.

The name “LIGHTS” reflects the program’s goal of providing visibility into cybersecurity both at the facility as well as national level. LIGHTS promotes technology that member facilities can apply today to improve their cybersecurity posture through increased visibility and control. LIGHTS also works with analysis centers to improve national situational awareness and bring that value to its membership. LIGHTS members can choose to share anonymized metadata with some or all of these public and private analysis centers – at the member’s discretion – to assist in efforts to increase the safety and reliability of our national infrastructure.

Watch the roundtable launch of the program from April 24, 2012. LIGHTS Chair Chris Blask opens with a presentation of the major issues facing industrial facilities, then he is joined by the following distinguished panel for a lively roundtable and attendee Q&A:

Joel Langill, CEH, CPT, CSSA, CCNA, TUV FS-Eng,

Kevin Morley, Security & Preparedness Program Manager, American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Gary Sturdivan, Chair, Emergency Preparedness/ Security Committee at American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Steve Parker, Vice President, Technology Research and Projects at Energy Sector Security Consortium

Michael Menefee, Founder and CEO Trusted Metrics


LIGHTS Program – Launch Webinar: “An Infrastructure for National Cybersecurity”

LIGHTS brings together academia, consultants, managed service providers, industry groups and solution providers to serve the interests of our asset owner membership.


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LIGHTS is a non-profit membership program to provide cybersecurity to smaller industrial facilities.

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LIGHTS provides low-cost high-value cybersecurity options to members in power, water, transportation, manufacturing and other sectors.
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